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Please read our  latest privacy policy (May 2018) by clicking on the link below:

Half Time Cuppa – Privacy Policy – May 2018


Please read our privacy policy to find out how we use cookies to enhance your experience. One example is if you were to check ‘remember me’ when logging in. This is used for your convenience and will keep you logged in for two weeks. Although if you were to log out the cookie would remove itself.  Cookies are also utilised by Google Adsense which is the advertisement system currently adopted by the site. Google Adsense can sometimes use these cookies to personalise adverts to you based on viewing history. Should you have any questions regarding Google Adsense and how it operates, we recommend you contact them directly (Link provided inside privacy policy).  We will update page should anything change, so please check back regularly. For more details regarding Cookies and how to opt-out of certain cookies please read our privacy policy above.

A full break down of all possible cookies, as a result of a scan by CookieBot, can be found here. Please note that a number of these are duplicate cookies