Site Guidelines

Before you get started with the various fun features we have on our site, please make sure you read the following site guidelines to ensure that you have the best possible time.

All Timeline Content & Forum Content is Global

All content on the Timeline & Forum sections is for the moment global, meaning that even non-users can view what is posted on there, although they will not be able to comment on your posts without signing in. With this in mind, we advise that you use common sense and do not disclose any sensitive information whilst using the site. Keep in mind it’s a football blog and not your online personal diary.

We do hope in future to add in the appropriate tools to privatise the Timeline and forum sections from non-users.

Offensive & Abusive Language or Content

Offensive & abusive language or content is not tolerated on this site. Sanctions will be enforced on any users found using language or creating content that is deemed offensive or abusive by the staff team.This also includes any inappropriate banners and profile pictures in the profile section. These sanctions are included and not limited to termination of accounts and site ban. If you would like to report anything that you feel is considered offensive & abusive, please message @dtcook16 and @moskie01immediately.

Third Party/Company Accounts

Whilst we welcome as many new users and accounts to the site, we do not accept company or third party accounts. Only third party or company accounts authorised by the site’s management are allowed on the site. Any accounts found to infringe this will be removed from the site.

Have fun!

Finally and arguably the most important aspect of this guide is to have fun with the interactive elements of the site. We hope to build a fantastic community of football fans who can consume our unique and bite-size content. If you aren’t enjoying your experience please pass your feedback onto @dtcook16 or @moskie01.