Cookies & Data Protection Policy

Welcome to our Cookies & Data Protection Policy page

We hope you find the following information useful. Please contact us should you have any further questions by using the ‘Contact us‘ page.

Data Protection

We at Half Time Cuppa take data protection very seriously. Data that you use for the site will only be used for the site. We will not sell your data to any third-party companies. We have taken measures to ensure that your data is secured safely and will never be used for any other purpose than this website. You are welcome to request what data we have for your account anytime by getting in touch with our team using the ‘Contact us‘ page.


Cookies are utilised by Google Adsense which is the advertisement system currently adopted by the site. Google Adsense can sometimes use these cookies to personalise adverts to you based on viewing history. Should you have any questions regarding Google Adsense and how it operates, we recommend you contact them directly. We are unaware of any other part of the site that uses cookies. We will update page should anything change.