Happy Holidays From The Half Time Cuppa Team!

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Hi everyone,

The Half Time Cuppa team would like to wish all viewers and staff a safe and fantastic holiday period. 2017 has obviously been a really important year for us, launching all the way back in July. We’ve had lots of ups and downs along the way but we continue to grow and progress as a site and we really love to hear it when viewers enjoy the content that our talented team have created.

2018 for us promises to be a year of continued development. We will be working on a number of backend tasks to improve everyone’s experience with the site. Feel free to reach out to @dtcook16 on the site’s messaging service or to our twitter account @HalfTime_Cuppa with any ideas or suggestions you have. We hope to bring you some more news in the coming days and weeks. So be sure to stick around.

Also, if you’d like to join our team be sure to check out the vacancies page and then message us on Twitter @HalfTime_Cuppa if you are interested in joining.

Happy Holidays everyone and see you all in 2018!

-The Half Time Cuppa Team.