ABBA- What difference will it make?

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I was going to use a joke about a popular Swedish pop band, but they’ve been taken. So, the winner really does take it all I suppose.

Nevertheless, let’s get down to it. Last week, it was confirmed that the EFL will be trialling the new penalty shootout system which has already been trialled in various men’s and women’s international tournaments such as the Under-17 European Championship and the Under-19 European Championships. The first ABBA formatted shootout taking place between Germany and Norway during the Women’s Under-19 European Championship semi-final.

But what I want to find out is, will there be a difference?

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Let’s see. We know that the current shootout format is AB, AB. But with the trialled version being rolled out into the club scene, does that see Team A being under more pressure than Team B? Who knows? My guess is that it will as the current format sees Team B being under more pressure to score.

IFAB (International Football Association Board) thought up the process after they felt that it wasn’t fair for Team B to always have to play catch up. Now, with that reasoning, I find a bit of contradiction. With ABBA at the trial phase, doesn’t that mean Team A is having to play catch up? Or am I just confusing myself?

Research suggests that teams going first win 60% of shootouts, something IFAB trying to “combat”. Although that’s been found out to be true, will the momentum now shift from Team A to Team B?

Having watched the Community Shield at the weekend, I found that the trialled format has a massive difference in comparison to the original format. The momentum shifted from Chelsea to Arsenal as they had the upper hand. With the original format, Antonio Conte’s side would’ve had the upper hand.

So, what do you make of the trialled format? Do you like the fact that “Team B” has the upper hand, or do you think “whatever doesn’t need fixing, shouldn’t be broken”? Personally, I not necessarily against the trialled format, but I do prefer the original. However, I’m all for trying new things, as its looks as though they’ve changed their minds, and taken a chance on it.

Personally, I am not necessarily against the trialled format, but I do prefer the original. However, I’m all for trying new things and it seems that IFAB have taken a chance on it.

One more thing I’d like to add. We all know England’s record in shootouts, having not won from the spot since the quarter-finals of the European Championship in 1996. Will the new format be a help? We’ll have to find out…

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