Double HTC Points Weekend (28th-31st)

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To celebrate the launch of our new HTC Points feature we are having a double points weekend!

Yes, that’s right every interaction with the site will see you gain extra points whether that be messaging, making friends or one of our many other ways of gaining HTC Points. This promotion starts at 6 pm BST on Friday the 28th and lasts until midday on Monday the 31st.

All values on out HTC Points total page will be doubled e.g. creating an account = 100 HTC Points until the 31st of July.  The only points that will not count for this double points promotion are from the football predictor as that won’t start until the 4th of August.

Even account registration will have double points too meaning that by simply signing up you’ll exceed the first rank on the site. So there’s been no better time to create an account! Click here to create an account now

We hope that you like this new feature and if you have any questions or problems please be sure to contact either me (@dtcook16) or @moskie01 on either the forums or via a message.

We plan to have more features and content on the way so make sure you check back daily!