Who’d be a football fan?

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Week in week out fans from all over the world give up their time to support their team but why do they bother?

Football fandom can be a wonderful thing but there are also a few cons to being a football fan. Here’s my list of pros and cons for being a football fan.

Football is absolutely everywhere nowadays. Even during the offseason, there are still plenty of games to keep you entertained such as the Confederations Cup and the U21 European Championships which both took place this summer. But would the rising prices put you off from watching the sport or supporting a team? That aside

That aside who wouldn’t want to miss the ecstasy of your club winning promotion? But do not write off the agony element too. All teams go through peaks and troughs but loyal fans stick to their club throughout that and arguably enjoy the highs just that little bit more.

Are you a football fan and do you agree with the points I made in the audio clip?
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